Lavender Fields and Rye Meads

Hitchin Lavender Rye Meads Photo Session - Joan Jellett

Oh what a stunning, perfect day! We decided to go for a walk on a warm and sunny July afternoon to the lavender fields and then across to Rye Meads nature reserve. My youngest Luca had broken his arm a few weeks before as you will notice, but I think the blue cast compliments the colourful scenery beautifuly, don’t you think? 😉 The children are massive fans of fauna & flora and really wanted to spot that kingfisher that their grandparents had mentioned to them the day before!! So off we went, binoculars in hands on a little adventure and boy were we not disappointed!! Just look at their faces when they finally spotted one! (pretty rare apparently, I’m not bird expert, more of a Zara type of girl!)


I chose to capture the emotion on their faces rather than the Kingfisher, you can Google a kingfisher, but you cant Google my favourite 3 people’s excited little faces!! It took a little bribery to get those lavender shots, but totally worth the Kinder eggs and Haribo!! I adore the different shades of purple in those fields! White clothing is my personal favourite for any kind of family shoots (oh! and weddings!!) but I thought it worked particularly well against the bright and vivid purple around my little subjects. Get in touch if you would like to book a lavender shoot or to take me on a little walk to document your unique family !


Joan x


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Hitchin Lavender Rye Meads Photo Session – Joan Jellett

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