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Fit 4 OCR kids assault course

This was something fun and creative to shoot also! FIT 4 OCR was such a brillant experience, despite the freezing cold weather, the children enjoyed themselves so much, It was like watching mini warriors, not afraid of getting dirty, wet and cold, I could not have done it that’s for sure!


The instructors there were amazing at encouraging the children to keep going and lending a helping hand from time to time. Everyone there aged 5 to 15 joined forces, helped one another, it was truly heartwarming to witness such fantastic team work.


After the effort comes comfort though! A trip down the Baldock’s services’ patisserie Valerie made the whole experience so much more worth it in the end! Those hot chocs did the trick at warming their little bodies nicely!! Lynn’s 2 boys from Mrsmummypenny seemed to have enjoyed it too!


Joan x


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Fit 4 OCR kids assault course – Joan Jellett Photography


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