Froyle Park Wedding photography

Froyle Park Wedding Photography

Froyle Park Wedding Photography

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Froyle Park Wedding Photography



I had never shot an Indian wedding before, I wasn’t sure what to expect apart from gorgeous bright coloured saris and yes I must admit it…..delicious food! Froyle Park Wedding Photography


In the morning, I captured  the groom greeting  his family and friends from one side of the “white gate” before entering into the “Jaan procession” which is when all the amazing dancing started and the groom, fellow grooms-men as well as family and friends broke some serious moves!


The Jaan arrival is the welcoming of the groom by the bride’s family. Traditionally, this element of the Hindu wedding ceremony heralded the groom’s arrival into the bride’s village.


Seeing Jason, being overcome with emotions as he looked up to his bride to be was just breathtaking (and yes, I might have had something in my eye at that time… 😉 )



Froyle Park Wedding Ceremony


The procession was then followed by the “Pokhnu ceremony” which happens at the alter. The bride’s mother welcomes him and anoints vermillion powder on his forehead and places a clay-pot called “sampoot” in front of him. He then steps on the “Sampoot” symbolising his strength and determination to confront and overcome any obstacles he may face along the path of marriage. He then heads towards to the Mandap,to sit next to his best man.


My favourite part, which I think is the most beautiful moment of the day is when the “Antarpaat” (veil) is held in front of the groom to stop him from seeing his beautiful bride to be until she enters the “Mandap”. The bride then walks to the mandap with her brother. The antarpaat is removed and the couple can finally see each other…



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Thank you so much to Paul Rogers for giving me this opportunity to shoot by his side and Jason and Sheena for having me too, I loved every second of the day, I absolutely loved shooting at Froyle Park

Lots of love, Joan X

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