Bride and Groom confetti and bubles

Hampton Court House wedding venue – Alice and Dean

Bride and Groom confetti and bubbles
just married!

A wonderful Hampton Court House wedding. A truly memorable day in beautiful Surrey. The day started with lots of winter sunshine and that put everyone in the mood for a celebration from the word go. It was an early start for me and I couldn’t wait to start hunting for some special moments where everyone is relaxed, chatting and in anticipation of a classic wedding day.


The guests were all looking sharp, but no time for business today, just lots of heart felt emotion, tears and joy as Alice and Dean prepared to tie the knot. I am not sure if they noticed the crazy French woman lurking in the background, but I soon climbed out of the hedges and introduced myself! I had so much fun and the bride and groom looked so in love which can only make for some wonderful images that will be cherished.


Thank you both for a great day and giving me the opportunity to do what I love!


Joan x

Hampton Court House Wedding

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