Junior photography course




Who is this course aimed at ?

Children aged between 10 and 15

What will my child need?


A camera with creative features such as aperture ISO and shutterspeed.


How long is the course ?


8 hours (4 x 2hrs sessions)


What will my child learn?


Because of the age of the children I won’t go into anything too technical, the aim of this course is to learn a fantastic new skill and for the children to enjoy taking pictures as well as :


  • Be creative and have fun
  • Frame their images beautifully
  • Blur the background using a wide aperture
  • Make appropriate use of the light available
  • Using leading lines
  • Opening their eyes to all the little details surrounding them.
  • Breaking the rules is one of children’s (if not, THE) favourite  thing to do and that’s also one of the best thing about photography!

How many children per course ?


I want the children to get as close to a 1 on 1 session with me as possible so I limit the sessions to 4 children max.


How much is the course ?


The total cost is £180


We will have 1 hour of outdoors practice at our local park, village, anywhere that inspires the children where I will guide and assist them with which mode/settings should be used.




Followed by 1 hour looking and editing the images taken on the day as well as discussing the thought process behind their top images.




Check out these wonderful images my pupil Katelyn (10) photographed and edited after just 2 sessions using a Canon 300D and 18-55mm lens.



Below are 2 image my son Timothy aged 9 took with a  Canon 5d Mk3 135mm lens :




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Harpenden family photographer- Joan Jellett

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  1. Hello
    I may be interested in this for my son for a christmas present. When is the course running please? And where is it based?
    Many thanks
    Gilly Simmonds

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