New Forest Family Photography

New Forest Family Photography

Stunning, Natural & Fun New Forest Family Photography

I had the most wonderful time photographing this lovely family in the New Forest. See the behind the scenes here

We headed towards Lymington for some relaxed New Forest Family Photography. I love this west bank town located on the lymington river, a photographer’s paradise!

I adore shooting under the magical and breathtaking golden hour.

The golden hour light is gorgeous and warm, so atmospheric. I love New Forest Family Photography during the golden hour. It is easier said than done but it really is worth it!

You can see more natural family shoots on here.

The magical golden hour is ideally about 10 minutes before the sunset and about the same for after the sun dips.

When the sun is super bright it can create a lot of haze, minimising the amount of light entering your lens is key.

I position my subjects with the sun shining slightly on the edge.

It is important to know your angles too, I often photograph from a downward angle so that the light isn’t hitting straight into the lens.

I can see why New Forest Family Photography is so popular, do not hesitate to get in touch to book your shoot!

I photograph families in a very natural way, nothing staged or forced.

My aim is to give you the most beautiful, story telling images of your beautiful family.

I am never worried of making a fool of myself, I will do whatever it takes to get the smiles and giggles.

I cannot wait to hear from you!

Joan x

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