St Michael’s Manor Wedding photography

St Michael's Manor Wedding

What a great day this was! Packed with emotion and most of all…love!


This very intimate St Michael’s Manor Wedding photography took place inย St Albans. I arrived at lunch time, the sun was trying to poke its head through the clouds but not quite making it, however the guests’ arrival more than made up for the lack of soleil! As everyone was arriving, you could sense the closeness of everybody and the anticipation of seeing Alex & Claire tie the knot.


I took the happy couple out on the grounds and on Fishpool street, for some portraits whilst the guests were having drinks and we thankfully managed to get some lovely shots before the rain drove us back indoors.


Once back inside, I left Alex and Claire to relax and talk with their friends and family while I concentrated on getting those oh so important candid shots and kept very alert for any good stories developing such as the children having a really good game of hide and seek which I was dying to join!!


Following the wedding breakfast, I knelled down, ready for the speeches which were some of the most emotional I have ever heard and was struggling to hold back the tears myself.


Thank you so much Alex and Claire for trusting me to capture your special day in St Michael’s manor


Lots of love,


If you like what you see, please get in touch, I would LOVE to be part of your special day!


St Michael’s Manor Wedding

Documentary Wedding photography

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  1. Beautiful photographs. I’m the groom’s mum’s best friend and so lovely to be part of it through your pictures. Many thanks Loraine Eyley

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