Street photography London

Street photography London Soho


I love London, today was world Record day around SOHO and Berwick street, cool vibes everywhere and I felt pretty uncool I must say (Turning 30 in 3 months!! arrghhh) London is vibrant, exciting, entertaining, stimulating, trendy, cool and full of surprises!! I love it!

Street photography is becoming a true passion, I am slowly grasping this shooting from the hip malarkey! Practice makes perfect as they say!


I am truly loving this style of shooting which links so perfectly with my documentary approach for shooting weddings which always results in candid images.


There are a few things I have noticed, which have helped me when shooting street photography, the use of a fast shutter speed and a narrow aperture.


Holding my camera by its lens without looking through the view finder (as I have previously said, it takes practice!). Be prepared to shoot 10 decent images out of 100 taken to start with!


I also try to pre frame a scene and wait for the magic to happen (see previous blog shot of the “naughty dog”).

Have fun with it and remember.. EYES UP…CAMERA DOWN!!
Hope you will enjoy, Would love to read your comments below!


Joan x


Street Photography London Soho

Non obtrusive, Candid and Natural images taken on day where you can relax and enjoy!

Great feedback, which shows how happy my clients are!


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  1. Great images Joan. I was in London doing street photograph yesterday too, I feel it is important for wedding photographers to get out and do this sort of photography as it sharpens your eye for documentary wedding photography. I like your black and white processing on these, it really suits the subject matter.

    1. Thank you Simon! You are expected to be taking pictures at weddings unlike Street photography where you are putting yourself outside your comfort zone…yet to master this shooting from the hip business!! 😉

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