Sunrise Engagement Photoshoot Hengistbury Head

Sunrise Engagement Photoshoot Hengistbury Head

Sunrise engagement photoshoot in Hengistbury Head. (Watch the behind the scenes here!)

I had the most wonderful time earlier, photographing this newly engaged couple for their Sunrise Engagement Photoshoot.

I photographed the lovely Hannah & Ash one very sunny winter’s morning in Hengistbury Head, Dorset.

February is such an unpredictable month of the year when it comes to the weather. When Hannah and Ash got in touch after getting engaged at Christmas, I started stalking the weather forecast daily.

Sunrise Engagement Photoshoot Hengistbury Head cannot be beaten.

The sun was rising and shinning after a week of rain and strong wind (thanks storm Eunice!) and there was no rain, so we decided to carpe diem it and go for it.

I really enjoy photographing my loved up couples for their Sunrise Engagement Photoshoot Hengistbury Head, a place which means a lot to my couple.

Engagement photoshoots are a great way to get to know each other before the big day, I usually give you tones of tips too if you are awkward in front of the camera!

Hannah and Ash getting in touch with me was undoubtedly a fantastic decision as we got to really know each other and relax in each other’s presence.

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We never had a photo shoot done before, specially as a couple, so we were a bit anxious about it, but Joan made everything feel so easy, so natural and fun!

We are so in love with her work and can’t thank her enough!”

My aim is to give you the most beautiful, story telling images of you two.

I cannot wait to hear from you!

Joan x

backlit shot of couple at sunrise in hengistbury head
Sunrise engagement photoshoot in Hengistbury Head
detail shot of an engagement ring in southbourne
Fiance and fiancee cuddling up sat down on a rock at the beach
couple sat on a rock looking at the sunset in Dorset
couple looking at the ocean with the sunrise behind them and hengistbury head
couple holding each other on the beach with hengistbury head in the background
back shot of couple walking towards the sunrise
beach picture at sunrise in hengistbury head
back shot of the couple sat on a bench overlooking the sun rising in hengistbury head
man looking at his woman whilst sat on a bench wearing a denim jacket and a hat
woman wearing a cute pink hat leaning her head on her friend's shoulder
both couple looking over to the sun rise together
laughing blond woman standing up looking at her friend
cute little smile from fiancee as she cuddles up her boyfriend
couple holding hands wearing a hat and a denim jacket on their way to watch the sun rise
couple playful laughing with their black little dog
close up shot of the black dog wearing a red bandana
Silhouette sunrise hengistbury head

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