Engagement Photoshoot near me

Engagement Photoshoot near me

Did you just type Engagement Photoshoot near me ? Well Hello and Welcome!

This Sunset engagement photoshoot in Christchurch, St Catherine’s Hill. (Watch the behind the scenes here!) was so relaxed and filled with love and laughter!

Robyn, James and I had the most wonderful time, on this newly engaged Sunset Engagement Photoshoot.

I photographed the lovely Robyn and James one hour before sunsets, during that gorgeous golden hour which is just simply magical.

May is always a little of an unpredictable month when it comes to the weather. When Robyn and James got in touch after getting engaged, I started stalking the weather forecast daily.

This Sunset Engagement Photoshoot happened at the perfect time, as I am writing this blog the following day and it is thundering and raining!

Always Carpe diem it and go for it!

I really enjoy photographing my loved up couples for their Sunset Engagement Photoshoot in St Catherine’s Hill, a place which means a lot to my couple and on my doorstep too.

Engagement photoshoots are a great way to get to know each other before the big day, I usually give you tones of tips too if you are awkward in front of the camera!

Robyn and James getting in touch with me was undoubtedly a fantastic decision as we got to really know each other and relax in each other’s presence.

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Engagement Photoshoot near me

I always photograph my couples in a very natural way, nothing staged or forced.

Do you feel nervous about having your photograph taken? Do you think you would hate every second of it? It is never a painful experience… I promise!

This was what my lovely couple had to say about the whole experience : “We can’t describe how amazing this experience was!

We never had a photo shoot done before, specially as a couple, so we were a bit anxious about it, but Joan made everything feel so easy, so natural and fun!

We are so in love with her work and can’t thank her enough!”

My aim is to give you the most beautiful, story telling images of you two.

I cannot wait to hear from you!

Joan x

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