couple kissing with old harry rocks in the background

Old Harry Rocks Surprise Engagement Photoshoot

Did you just type Old Harry Rocks Engagement Photoshoot ? This either means something exciting is on the horizon or you simply are a helpless romantic or both!

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This Surprise Engagement Photoshoot, during the early hours of the morning. I was so excited to meet James and Chantal and create some amazing memories for them!

James originally got in touch with me as he was planning on proposing to the gorgeous Chantal, all very top secret.

I arrived at Old Harry Rocks nice and early, I was so excited and at the same time emotional and nervous at the unknown ahead of me, will she say YES?!

Firstly, I started walking up to Old Harry Rocks nice and early and became an Oscar winning performance of an actress as I slowly saw them walking towards where I was.

I pretended (well, I did get some great shots) to shoot some landscape images of this gorgeous beauty spots, they brushed past me hand in hand and I carried on ignoring them.

James put his coat down on the floor and got ready to get down on one knee….

Then, it was shoot shoot shoot shoot, all the emotions and joy!

James and Chantal, congratulations once more, I had the most wonderful time, on this Old Harry Rocks Surprise Engagement Photoshoot.

James and Chantal, thank you for being super relaxed and going along with my craziness!

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Old Harry Rocks Surprise Engagement Photoshoot 

Where do I begin? Old Harry Rocks Surprise Engagement Photoshoot, what’s not to adore? A photographer’s absolute dream! I always photograph my couples in a very natural way, nothing staged or forced.

Do you feel nervous about having your photograph taken? this Old Harry Rocks Surprise Engagement Photoshoot blog should help you relax! Do you think you would hate every second of it? It is never a painful experience… I promise!

This was what my lovely couple had to say about the whole experience : “We can’t describe how amazing this experience was!

“Joan is amazing, we had such a good time with our engagement shoot, she made us feel so relaxed and the process was super easy!”

I cannot wait to hear from you! See more Old Harry Rocks Surprise Engagement Photoshoot style here

Joan x

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